Applications and tools

ELOoffice PDF GS printer

GS must be downloaded separately and installed before the printer is installed.

ELOoffice PDF printer

PDF printer version

ELOoffice TIFF printer

ELOoffice TIFF printer1

Install this TIFF printer to be able to use an additional TIFF printer with different configurations in ELO.

Note: The TIFF printer has a custom configuration - opened using the PrinterConfiguration1.exe file in the ELOoffice installation directory

ELOoffice macros

ELOoffice 11 macros in version 4.00.154

Script for finding object IDs

This script allows you to search for specific object IDs. The exact location in the repository opens up.

Templates for new repositories

ELOoffice can be used in all business sectors with templates for common document types, such as invoices. Simply tailor the structure to your needs.

Note:The files in the ELOoffice installation directory have to be copied to the Intray folder.


ELO Connect (Android) manual

ELO QuickScan (iOS) manual

The ELO QuickScan for iOS app enables you to take scans of documents and transfer them to the ELO repository as a PDF file.

ELOoffice 11 - License Activation

How do I activate an ELOoffice license? Learn more in this brochure.

ELOoffice 11 - Manual

The ELOoffice 11 manual will serve as a reference to you. The introductory chapters explain how to successfully work with ELO.

ELOoffice 11 - Product Registration

How do I register an ELOoffice license I've purchased? Learn about the advantages of registering here.

ELOoffice OLE Automation Interface

Version: Jan. 08, 2019 | Program version : 10.05.000

The ELOoffice 2.1 DDE Interface has been replaced by a more modern and improved OLE Automation Interface in the professional version. It is now possible to send commands to ELO externally, make entries, or query information from ELO.


Update to ELOoffice 11

Update to ELOoffice 11.02.004:

    > ELO32.exe

Installing the service pack for ELOoffice 11
Please note: ELOoffice 11 is required to install the service pack.
Install the service pack for ELOoffice11 as follows:
    > Download the ZIP file to your computer.
    > Extract the ZIP file. You will then see two files.
    > If ELOoffice is open, close it.
    > Copy the two extracted files to the same directory as the ELO32.exe file. You will usually find this file in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\ELOoffice.
    > A dialog box giving you the option to overwrite the existing files will appear.
    > Click "Yes" to confirm.
    > Restart ELOoffice.
    > The version is now updated.

Downloads for previous versions can be found here: ELOoffice 8, 9 & 10 downloads