ELOoffice in action

The following applications will show you just some of the many ways you can use ELOoffice. Learn about what functions our software has to offer.

Manage and organize business documents

ELOoffice helps you to store your business documents securely and in line with law at one central location. But that’s not all: Invoices, contracts, and personnel files are living documents used daily that you have to keep track of. With the advanced search technology offered by ELOoffice, you can find important documents in an instant and use them any time. Bring order to your business documents with ELOoffice: Your files will always be in the right place in your ELO repository. Keep your business under control.


Working on the go made easy

In today’s world, mobility and flexibility are crucial to a company’s success. ELOoffice assists you with a variety of applications for working while on the go: For example, ELO QuickScan for your smartphone lets you conveniently capture documents and send them right to ELOoffice. Need to bring important business documents to a customer meeting? Simply use the ELO MobileConnector, which gives you access to individual folders in your ELO repository, allowing you to work on your documents offline and synchronize changes to ELOoffice later.

Collaborate on documents

Good teamwork and company-wide availability of knowledge provide a major competitive edge. ELOoffice facilitates collaboration within your company with an array of functions, including managing document versions, sending documents via ELO links, and even notifications for upcoming tasks. This ensures your employees will always be up-to-date. By assigning users permissions, you can determine what documents specific employees can view. You can even provide documents to your tax advisor with the help of a "portable" repository in read-only format, guaranteeing collaboration across-the-board.


Stay on top of things with elooffice

A professional, efficient business must comply with deadlines, keep an eye on contracts and terms, and take advantage of discounts. With the task function in ELOoffice, you will never miss a deadline again. Set a reminder for contracts, invoices, or other business documents with just a few clicks. You can also assign documents to other employees for further processing. And after ELOoffice opens, the program notifies you whenever you have received new tasks. Working has never been this easy!


ELOoffice offers a wide range of useful functions that will make your day-to-day work a breeze.