ELOoffice step-by-step

1. Try out ELOoffice

Try out ELOoffice without any obligations: With the ELOoffice free version, you can manage up to 500 documents with all the available functions!

2. Buy ELOoffice

You want to manage and use your documents electronically, but need some professional support? Our certified resellers would be happy to help you!


Have you decided on digital document management? Then get started now and buy ELOoffice in our online shop!

3. Installation

ELOoffice is quick to install. Download ELOoffice, run the installation program, and enter your serial number

You will find more information on installation under Downloads

4. How are your documents filed to the ELO repository?

Using a scanner and ELO Scan& Archive or the ELO QuickScan smartphone app, you can digitize your documents in ELOoffice.

These functions are here to help:

You can also drag documents that are already in digital form (such as Microsoft Office documents, e-mails, or PDFs) to ELOoffice or import them using additional filing functions.

These functions are here to help:

5. Make the most of your documents

Before your documents are filed to the ELO repository, extract important information from them: customer numbers, invoice dates, and more – use this information to keyword your documents and find them quickly later. You can either manually enter the keywording in the ELO Intray or use one of the many automatic functions offered by ELOoffice.

These functions are here to help:

6. Give your documents a new home

After keywording your documents, you can either manually or automatically file them to the ELO repository. Base your repository on a classic folder archive! Or use the provided repository template and benefit from a defined filing structure!

These functions are here to help:

7. Your documents are living

They are constantly changing and have to be available at all times. The search technology and keywording help you to find your documents in ELOoffice in an instant. ELOoffice doesn't even have to be open.

These functions are here to help:

Reminder function: Keep an overview of the deadlines for your contracts or other documents.

Versioning: Log the status of your document and make sure you are always working on the latest version – alone or in collaboration with others.

Compliant archiving: Control access to your documents with a sophisticated permissions system and archive them in line with the law.

Data backup: You can also back up your ELO repository with version 11 of ELOoffice.

These functions are here to help:

8. Use your documents wherever you are

ELOoffice affords you many options to share your documents or access them at any time on your smartphone, and any outgoing documents are filed automatically. Work on your documents offline and synchronize them to the repository later.

These functions are here to help:

More information

You want to learn more? Then check out our ELOoffice brochures and videos.