ELOoffice Functions

ELOoffice provides you with everything you need to best manage your documents.


Keep track of invoices and contracts

The new ELOoffice repository template helps you organize important documents such as invoices, contracts, and personnel files and gives you a quick overview of data with a single click.

  • Example repository for structured filing
  • Data analysis with a single click
  • Documents filed to the right place in the ELO repository

Learn more about the ELOoffice repository template in this video.


Transfer keywording in an instant

The new text recognition function in ELOoffice lets you transfer information to a document effortlessly. Using OCR templates, you can keyword recurring documents even faster.

  • Simple keywording with a single click
  • Save OCR templates for recurring documents
  • For PDFs and TIF documents

Learn more about OCR in this video.

Rely on ELOoffice data backup

The ELOoffice backup function secures data on a medium of your choice, including the cloud. It's easy to configure at the click of a mouse.

  • Choose the backup medium
  • Create a backup of the entire ELO repository with all additional information
  • Conveniently re-import the backup via the Windows Start menu

Learn more about data backup in this Video.


ELOoffice on the go

The ELO MobileConnector gives you access to your documents on a cell phone or tablet, no matter where you are. If you work on them offline, you can simply synchronize them to the ELO repository later.

  • Mobile access to documents and folders
  • Work offline
  • Conveniently synchronize changes

Additional functions

Integration with Microsoft Office

Create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and file them to ELOoffice with a single click with the help of ELO macros. Simply continue using the environment you are accustomed to.

Find what you’re looking for with a single click

With ELO Click&Find, find your ELO documents in an instant, no matter what you’re currently working on. Just select some text in your application and start your search in ELOoffice by entering a simple key combination.

Organizing your e-mails has never been so easy

ELOoffice and Microsoft Outlook make the perfect team: With the help of ELO macros, all it takes is one click to file your e-mails. You can then access them as needed.

Scan and file in a single step

After scanning, recurring documents are automatically filed to your ELO repository with ELO Scan&Archive. The intelligent text recognition function makes sure that important information is stored along with your files.

Print, file, and send – it’s that easy

Process your outgoing documents with ELO Print&Archive. A single click is all it takes to print, automatically file them to ELO, and send.

Automatic filing via drag-and-drop

With ELO Dropzone, you can automatically file your documents to the right location in the repository along with all relevant information via drag-and-drop.


The apps for mobile document management in ELOoffice

The iOS app ELO QuickScan lets you capture documents with your
smartphone and file them straight to your ELO repository.

ELO Connect for Android enables you to store different types of files
on your mobile device and transfer them to ELOoffice.


Product brochures

Our ELOoffice product brochures provide you with even more detailed information on ELOoffice 11. Browse our ELOoffice brochures or download the product brochure.