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Change password or e-mail address

> Log on to your ELOoffice Shop account and select "Account information". You can change your password or e-mail address here by completing the form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail at your e-mail address.

Change address

> Log on to your ELOoffice Shop account and select "Address book". You can change your data here.

If you're unable to log on to your ELOoffice Shop account

> If you are unable to log on to your ELOoffice Shop account, make sure you have entered your e-mail address correctly, or click the forgot password link under the logon area.

If you are still unable to log on, please create a new account

Business customers can enter their VAT ID

> As a business customer, you can enter your VAT ID in the shop. The advantage is that you receive an invoice with your VAT ID after making a purchase. To enter your VAT ID, log on to your ELOoffice Shop account and go to your account information. You can enter your VAT ID here.
Please note that the address associated with the VAT ID and the address entered in the shop must match. Only then can you make a purchase.


Payment unsuccessful

> We were unable to debit the sum. You have two options:

  1. We were unable to complete the payment. We have canceled your ELOoffice order and you do not have to do anything.
  2. You'd like to use ELOoffice, so log on to to place a new order.

Download invoice

> Information for our business customers:
Log on to your ELOoffice Shop account and select "My orders". Select the relevant order and click "View order". Here, you can download your invoice by clicking "Download invoice".

> Information for private users:
Once the transaction has gone through, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

Redeeming a gift certificate or promotion code for your ELOoffice account

> You can redeem gift certificates and promotion codes in the online shop. Log on with your ELOoffice Shop account and enter the code in the relevant field while placing your order.

Serial number

Finding your ELOoffice downloads and serial numbers

> If you haven't already installed ELOoffice free on your computer, log on to the ELOoffice Shop and select "Products for download". You will find the ELOoffice download file here. You will find your serial number under "My orders", then select "View order" for the relevant order.

The software won't accept your serial number

> If ELOoffice doesn't accept your serial number, first make sure you have entered the serial number correctly. If it still isn't accepted, please contact us at


How do I activate an ELOoffice license?

> Variant 1: Entering the serial number during installation

  1. When installing ELOoffice, you will have the option to enter a serial number.
  2. Following installation, the activation dialog box automatically appears when you open ELOoffice. You can now activate your license online or by phone.

> Variant 2: After installation
If you don't enter a serial number during installation, ELOoffice free will install automatically. To be able to use the full version of ELOoffice, you can then enter a serial number in the configuration.

  1. Open the ELOoffice configuration.
  2. Enter your serial number on the "General" tab in the configuration. Confirm the configuration dialog box with "OK". Another message will appear. Confirm this message with "OK" as well.
  3. Exit ELOoffice.
  4. Start ELOoffice again. The activation dialog box opens automatically. You can now activate your license online or by phone.

ELOoffice richtig installieren

> If you have any problems with installation, proceed as follows:

  1. Start ELOoffice and then click "Install ELOoffice now"
  2. You can now decide whether to perform a standard or custom installation.
    • With a standard installation, the document are automatically saved at C:\ProgramData\ELO Digital Office\ELOoffice
    • With a user-defined installation, you can choose the installation path yourself.
    • If you want to perform a network installation, select user-defined installation. For example, select this option if you want document data to be stored on a server and/or you want to see "what it's like" with multiple users working in ELOoffice simultaneously. Next, you can define the paths where data is stored.
    • Perform installation as the administrator.
  3. Perform installation. If you do not enter a serial number during installation, ELOoffice free will be installed automatically. Note: If you purchase a license at a later point, you can activate it in ELOoffice free at any time.
  4. Start ELOoffice. When logging on for the first time, enter "Administrator" to the name field and leave the password field blank. Then, confirm the dialog box with OK.
  5. Now, enter a name for your new repository. You can also select whether you would like to use our ELOoffice repository template here.

Once you have created your repository, you can begin working with ELOoffice.

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