ELOoffice overview of functions

ELOoffice has a total capacity for 200,000 documents, a maximum of 4 repositories with 32 levels each, and up to 10 users on a single network.*

Essential functions


  • Provides the tools you need to help you organize your workspace (repository, filing cabinet, folders)
  • Compliant archiving of correspondence and documents
  • Long-term retention of documents in TIFF and PDF/A format
  • Duplicate check to prevent redundant documents
  • Model repository template with folders and sample documents based on the typical structure of small businesses

View documents

  • View all common document types in their original format
  • Send all document formats as PDF attachments to ensure they can be read by users that do not have ELO
  • Multiple options, such as to zoom, crop, or view in full screen mode
  • Thumbnail view for easy management of documents containing graphics, images, and PDF files

ELOoffice search

  • Fast keywording/metadata search
  • Different filers enable custom searches
  • Full text search

E-Mail archiving

Capturing information in ELOoffice


  • Automatic filing
  • Image enhancement
  • Customized scan profiles
  • Full text search
  • Supports Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
  • Standardized interface
  • Different search/filter functions
  • User-defined keywording and search forms
  • Automatic keywording lets you file documents fast
  • Synchronization with mobile devices
  • Mobile document capture


  • Check-in and checkout function for easy management of document versions
  • Reminder function for project deadlines
  • Automatic version history when documents are edited
  • Compare different versions of a document
  • General, personal, and permanent sticky notes
  • Electronic signature option for secure digital filing


* 3,650 documents annually if a user files ten documents a day. A repository for 200,000 documents would be sufficient for 54 years.